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Learn to Love Gods Word!

So why don’t Christians now a days desire the word , desire the knowledge that is in the Word. The treasures thats in the Word of God. The Word mysteries that are in the Word. The guidance , the direction. The light that the Word gives. The arsenal of spiritual weapons that the Word gives. The way the Word exposes how Satan operates. The Truth thats in the Word. The multiple Revelations that are in the Word. The History thats in the Word.

All I hear most of the time is this prophetic word or that prophetic word sometimes I just hear some real prophetic nonsense.

I like prophesy and am not looking down on it. This is for you people that feel offended by what I write. But the basic principle is having strong foundation in the Word.

The Lord said in an occasion my people perish for the lack of knowledge and they reject it. So God gives knowledge through His word and some of you reject it.

So if babies Christians are reading the word how about you brother and sister who has been saved for so long and still dont understand this foundation, this basic principle to spiritual growth.

Where does that leave you? Who only go after prophetic words all the time. Who reject the word of God and the knowledge of God that comes through scripture.

Your not even a baby christian. Because you don’t like the word but you sure do love the prophetic mumbo jumbo that people speak lol.

So if this is you , I think you know what to do grab your bible and start reading.

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