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Mighty Men Of God

I don’t know if you know who Charles Spurgeon is. He was a man of God, who spoke so much truth and with so much power of God.

That in his meetings when preached the word, people would fall to the ground by the power of God and cry out to God in repentance.

People would turn away from there sins. Because the Holy Spirit brought such a strong conviction of sin into peoples lives that they repented and decided to live in Holiness.

Spurgeon didn’t go around laying hands on people all the time. He just would speak with such an authority that people could not stand straight they where humbled by Gods power and greatly convicted of there sin by the Holy Spirit.

Another man was name Charles Finley He was an evangelist. This man of God sought God for power from above. Because he was evangelizing and no one was getting saved. So he decided to seek God until he received power from on high.

That day when He received power , he went to a mill where 5,000 women worked. And with out saying a word all the women started crying when they saw Charles Finley The supervisor in the mill said stop the work because he was christian and he knew that God was doing something. That day all the women received Christ they didn’t know why they where crying when they saw Charles Finley until later. Later on they realized it was God bring such a strong conviction and that day 5,000 souls got saved with out one sermon , with out preaching.

There’s also another minister I can’t remember his name right now who prayed so much. That the area where he prayed any ship or person passing by that area was convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit and repented. The people would cry out to God in repentance asking God to forgive them. The anointing and power that this minister left there through so much prayer stayed many years after his death. People would be convicted by God there and repent of all there sins and get saved without a sermon.

See church these ministers back then where not playing like the ones of today. The ministers of today the majority water down the gospel, there favorite sermons are how God is going to bless you, how he will give you a car , house , material things. There focus is pretty much on those subject material, material , material.. There’s nothing wrong with having all that. But what about holiness, what about righteousness, what about abounding in love , what about preaching the truth even if you are hated. What about standing bold in your faith and what you believe.

See If God can use those ministers like that back than , He can use us as well. We decide if we will share the whole truth with people , or just a part of it, or just lie to people. I told you guys in an earlier post I because I love I speak the truth and I add to what I said even if it means I am not popular , I am hated , I am persecuted. I will not go the route of apostasy.

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