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Now let me not get on prophets now who don’t want to read the bible. Oops I just did lol.🤣 Prophets I know you hear God but you need to read, because sometimes your prophesies are way out of line, and anti biblical, and the body of Christ excepts your nonsense.

Some of you end up doing some crazy witchcraft things and call them prophetic acts.

Lets stay with in the Word please prophets of God. The word is the bible, but also I consider the word of God, the book of baruc, tobias, daniel 13, 14, the books of Enoch, the book adam and eve, the acts of thecla and paul, the vision of paul. Those books I consider biblical and I have accepted those books as biblical.

See for yourself before you argue with me they are not biblical compare those books to the bible. Now prophets of God lets study, I mean you can teach the church the prophesy , and hear God thats a must. But also you have to be leaders in doctrine because its written apostles and prophets lay down the foundations. So you have to doctrine of Christ.

Now I know some prophets do read and study. I admire you and I thank you for doing that because you are approved by God if you know how to rightly divide the word of God. I know the body of Christ wont be pulled away to doctrines of demons.

Satan has his teachings too, he is a great preacher. Satan can teach the bible he does it all the time through false ministers and demon possesed ministers.

But how ill you know if you don’t read, in the natural when we eat something we look at it first to see if its good or rotten. If it is rotten we throw it away. But first we had to learn what rotten is and what good is.

In the same way beloved we have to know what is good bread and bad bread that we eat when we hear a sermon. Now prophets and apostles we need to be experts in that. Experts in knowing what is good food for the church so she can mature and what is bad food tell her hey don’t eat that because here in the bible it says this, this , this and this.

This person only said this scripture threw out of context so this food your eating is incomplete or not good.

I hope you understand me my fellow college’s and body of Christ.

I know my messeges are hard but how long do you want to stay a spiritual baby 20 years saved & your still a big ol baby. We need to mature in Christ , why? you ask. Because Jesus Christ will not marry a bride who is not evenly yoke as Him. In love, in anointing, in word, in faith , in holiness, in obedience, in purity.

I really do love anyone remember if your doing what the word says amen keep going. Encourage those that don’t want to live the word to live it. Let them know the best best BESTEST REWARD IS MARRYING JESUS CHRIST IS BEING HIS WIFE.

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