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Want to pray the perfect will of God always?

Prayer in tongues and groaning’s in the Spirit is very necessary for us to pray the perfect will of God. Sometimes when we pray in the languages we know we err and don’t pray the will of God. But we pray what we think we should pray or we pray listening to a spirit that is not of God so we pray against the will of God. And sometimes we do pray the will of God.

The best way to not err in prayer is in tongues and let the Holy Spirit tell our human spirit what to pray. You’ll notice the more you pray in tongues the more variety of tongues God will give you.

Its like when you learn a new language you only speak some words but the more you learn words and practice them. the more fluently you start to speak.

Tongues are similar. Just that tongues can’t be studied or learned by any natural means. Its all spiritual. So the more you speak, the more God gives you. So you can intercede in abundance to God.

Romans 8:26
26 In the same way the Spirit also joins to help in our weakness, because we do not know what to pray for as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us[l] with unspoken groanings. 27 And He who searches the hearts knows the Spirit’s mind-set, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

Paul said when I pray in tongues my spirit prays. Referring to the spirit of man. Remember we are spirit , soul , and body. 
Our human spirit communicates with the Holy Spirit and is willing to do the works of God. Our soul is made up of our mind , will and emotions. Our body well is our body.

In 1 Corinthians 14 it talks a lot about tongues so you can read it on your own.

I encourage every one who is christian to believe in tongues. All you have to do is believe and desire it and you will receive it.

If you say tongues are for back than during the times of the apostles you are wrong, that is not true. If you tell me I can only speak in tongues when the anointing is strong at church that is not true. You must learn to speak in tongues anytime you want.

For example when you learn another language you can speak it anytime you want right? Same is with tongues you speak when you want to God and God gives you what to speak as you speak tongues. That’s we don’t err in tongues we speak to God what God Himself tells us to speak in tongues. So there is communication between our human spirit and the Holy Spirit telling our human spirit what to say to God the Father.

Plus praying in tongues really destroys the devils kingdom. Sometimes the Holy Spirit decides to do spiritual warfare as we intercede or pray in tongues.

One day I was praying in tongues through out the day. I had to go handle somethings at the welfare offices. I was praying in tongues while I was there but I was praying without opening my mouth inside of me as I waited to be called.

I was seated in the back of the room. And all of a sudden a lady that was seated in the front of the waiting room. Yelled Security!! There is a black man harassing me. I was the only black man in the room at that time. And the people looked at her than they looked at me than they looked at her than at me lol. I guess they thought what is going on here. This black man in he back of the room did nothing.

They saw me peaceful in the back. But the demon in her felt harassed by what I was praying in tongues. The Holy Spirit was waging war against the demons in her. And the demons in her where trying to get me kicked out of the place. So security came and saw that nothing was happening. Then I just told him its just a demon. He didn’t say much and went about his business.

Than the lady takes her shoes off and her socks off and throws them in the trash. Than I was called by the social workers. So I walked from the back where I was seated to the front of the room where she was at. When I walked past her I said I bind you in Jesus name i spoke to the demon.

So I share this with you because some might argue that where does it say in the bible when we pray in tongues we do spiritual warfare. It really does not say that or at least I have not found it says that.

But if you think about it Paul even mentioned we can speak tongues of angels when we speak in tongues. So what would be the point of speaking tongues of angels you may ask. Well to command them to do spiritual warfare or to do what ever God wants them to do. When we speak angelic tongues the angels understand and they execute what ever God commanded them to do through us.
The tongues of angels are different from the tongues we speak to God , thats why there is angelic tongues, so angels can understand.

I have learned that sometimes when I pray in tongues I am fighting in the spirit realm. I have even prayed for people that the Holy Spirit puts in my heart to pray in tongues for and when I prayed the Holy Spirit made demons manifest in people. Demons would yell, would manifest, would cough, throw up. The demons would start coming out. Through coughing, yells, sweat, burps, throwing up. Even coughing and spitting out blood they come out that way too.

Those are just some visual manifestations of how demons come out that I named above. But that is a different topic, if you ask me i’ll be happy to share with you on that.

So back to the tongues when I pray for people in tongues. If you have the gift of interpretation of tongues youll know what your praying for the person. God would give me the interpretation as I prayed I understood because God would tell me I was fighting while I prayed in tongues. He was waging war against the demons as I prayed in tongues.

Please if you dont speak in tongues desire it , if you do speak in tongues pray all the time tongues.amen

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