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Now tell me how does anyone benefit from worshiping this thing?

As ugly as this image is people worship this spirit.

In one of my beloved cultures. My beloved Mexican people some worship this being. They ask it for money, for prosperity or just simply curse other people.

Because of worshipping this spirit, mexico suffers a lot of violence , deaths, which can be stopped, if only my beloved culture would not worship this being.

Death has been around since Adam and reigned until Moses says the bible. When the law was introduced to Israel by angels to Moses. Acts 7 says the angels gave it to Moses.

Death was stopped, its reign ended.

But now people worship this spirit. In mexico they put alters for this spirit. I speak of mexico because its the culture I know and have seen the alters in homes , in public places around Tijuana.

I have also talked with christians who love Jesus but insist on having death for protection in there homes. Thank God the light of Christ was able shine and set the sister free who had a statue of death in her home. After God set her free, she threw that statue away and destroyed the alter.

But people think this spirit protects them and works for God. I hear it all the time death ins’t evil it works for God and takes people when they die. The bible con ceders death an enemy.

As far as I know when a person dies, there soul immediately goes before God to be judged and if they where saved there soul goes to a place called paradise which is in the third heaven. And if they weren’t saved they go to hell which is under the earth to suffer for eternity until they go to there place the lake of fire.

How does this spirit operate. This spirit kills people, causes accidents. Also takes regiones. Example if you see a lot of deaths in your city its because this spirit has dominion of that region. Its buddies are the spirit of murder , suicide, and violence and satanism they usually are together. So if you discover death you might notice its buddies there too.

It visit hospitals as well and kills people. When they should have lived a longer life but they die because of this spirit of death kills them in the hospital. It also is used in witchcraft in mexico and other countries. In satanism its one of the first evil spirits that enter a satanist when they make a covenant with Satan.

I remember a story a brother talked about a man who worshiped death. This person had so much power from death. That when he spoke he would say the words “this person will die by tommorow” thats exactly what happened the person actually died when this wicked man spoke.

Just by speaking this man who worshipped and served death could kill people. He was powerful in death and could kill anyone he wanted just by speaking it.

You know why these evil people are mighty with there false gods, because they actually take the time to fast and pray to them and do everything those false gods say.

Us christians are different. God says to do something. We will sometimes obey , sometimes we question, and there’s times glory be to God, when we just do what He says.

This is just a heads up on the kingdom of darkness activities for September.
In September the satanists will be , fasting for about 25 days to seek satans will. They will not eat anything. They are getting prepared for the 31 of october where they do a there black mass world wide in all the nations and sacrifice many people if they can.

Do you guys know how satan puts spirits in regions or takes dominion of regions. Like for instance if there is a region full of drug addiction and prostitution. Do you know how satan does that?

The devil uses his people to astral project at night time. The best times they do there curses on regions is 12 midnight and beyond. And these people command demons to take dominion of entire regions. So satan needs a human to excute his will on regions.

Another example lets say in a region there is always accidents and deaths, well an agent of satan has already taken dominion of that region at night time through astral projection most of the time it is done most of the time. Sometimes they will literally go to that place around 1 am and curse it.

I have ran into them before around those times. They look like normal people but the weird thing is they just stand there. And when you talk to them about God they will listen. But when you talk to them about Satan they say he is good, he loves etc etc.. So they don’t say many negative things about satan.

When Satanist’s infiltrate the church they tend to not say anything bad about satan or demons. And if possible they make sure no one talks about the kingdom of darkness in anyway. They will rile up up the church so that the person who trys to expose satan will be attacked by fellow church members. They dont care if you talk about Jesus, they just will make sure no one exposes there master satan, so he can go undetected in church services and destroy the church and christians.

Even when pray at night they attack through astral projection. That’s why when we are praying at night we might feel pains or heavy attacks, or heaviness etc..

So in the air there is a battle thats what is happening. We are being attacked so that we stop praying. That’s when we have to keep on praying and there will come a point when our prayers will turn into fire that our enemies astral projecting and attacking us will flee from the fire. And the heavens will open.

They can cause distractions when we pray. they can make people call you , the phone ring, a text messege. Remember people of God satans kingdom is not divided. So don’t be surprised when you are praying fervently a family members calls you that something just happened. What do we do usually we stop praying. They can cause also neighbors to do certain things like to start fighting outside for no reason. They can attack your family while you pray. The point is they are trying to stop your prayer, they dont want the heavens to open. Because when heaven opens for us. God can send everything He has for us through. The region starts changing when Heaven is open, angels come through the open heaven and start helping our angel fight. Just complete change comes. People who never wanted Christ or even hear about God, will start to pay attention to you when you speak.

Now imagine if we can walk with open heavens all the time. Soul winning would be a lot easier. Things would be a lot easier. So lets persevere till heaven opens.

If you want to have some good spiritual warfare training. Pray after 12am till 6am

Hope this opens up some ones eyes and helps people understand how the kingdom of darkness operates.

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