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Brother Alan Davis was saved by Jesus Christ in 2004 in George Bailey Jail. This is part of his long story.

In those years this is my story I was an ex-criminal. And God rescued me by permitting to go to jail.

I was suppose to get 6-8 years in prison but God had mercy on me. I only got 1 year of jail time which was reduced to 10 months because of my good behavior. I did not know Christ before I went to jail. I was a criminal , an addict , a drunkard, my life was the streets, =my life was stealing, burglary.

In 2003 God rescued me from that way of living, I met Jesus Christ for the first time in a service in George Bailey jail in 2004. The brothers who went there to share the Word of God with us inmates impacted my life by what they said about God and His love for us. I cried and cried that day as I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. Jesus touched my heart and it was changed.

I had a hunger to read the bible, so I read it in jail. My life started changing. I started trusting God, I knew Jesus as my Savior but also as the One who protects me, who fights for me.

Many times there where riots, the officers would shoot pepper spray balls through there guns. People where forced by other imitates to part take in the riots, it was race against race. Blacks with blacks , whites with whites etc.. etc.. But I chose not too join the riots when my race fought, I never was racist and I jail I would’nt start to be.

They threatened me and said when we are done with the other race we will come and get you. I said ok I am going to bed. So I prayed and God made it so my race never got into any riots. There was tension but nothing happened. Because I put my faith in God and God stopped the tension between my race and others.

Other races did fight against each other but us the blacks didn’t because I believe God honored my faith in Him and protected us. That’s why I shared this part of my long testimony.

To make a long story short this is how I got saved.

What We believe is this: The Word became flesh (was given a human body) with a name called Emmanuel (God is with us) also known as Jesus for us saved gentiles.

We believe in all the gifts of the Spirit. We believe in the rapture. We believe we must live in holiness. We believe in water baptism and the salvation of souls.

We also believe that once saved people must be taught sound doctrine so they will not be deceived by all these different doctrines.

That’s what brother Alan Davis does is teach the word of God, with teachings and examples literally speaking. He says, ” I teach sound doctrine and also demonstrate the power of God for the benefits of others.”

Be blessed

Brother Alan Davis